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Thank you for visiting our site. Authentic Insights, Inc. provides professional, ethical, reliable, quality, effective online psychotherapy & counseling via encrypted video, serving Texas and Oregon.

Counseling, which is synonymous with psychotherapy, is the opportunity to discuss confusing or painful thoughts & feelings with someone who will not share them with anyone else, assisting people to learn about themselves, which in turn improves relationships with others. It’s a unique interaction, where you won’t have to listen to or solve any of the therapist’s problems. A counselor is a coach, mentor, assistant, sounding board, & confidante. Sometimes people go to therapy by themselves or they can also go with their spouse or another family member. Another form of counseling is group therapy.

Now we have technology helping to make psychotherapy more accessible. Online or distance counseling can be very beneficial, where real psychotherapeutic work gets done!

How do I start?

You are welcome to complete the form on the contact page of this website & we will contact you as soon as possible to answer any other questions & set up an evaluation.